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Located in Okarche, Oklahoma, the Center of Family Love serves as a safe haven and home of love for over 110 developmentally challenged adults of all ages and abilities. Now in our 30th year, CFL provides a true continuum of care for the challenged adult. Facilities in Okarche range from daily housing and group homes to our Loosen Geriatric Center, one of the few in Oklahoma licensed for geriatric care for the adults. Additionally, we have community group homes in both El Reno and Kingfisher. Finally, CFL Enterprises (our premiere vocational training center) is just a few miles north of us in Kingfisher. Discover our facilities HERE.

Though our facilities are top-notch, we consider our loving attitude to be paramount and priority number one. We pride ourselves on quality care and actively work towards bringing a higher standard of life for our residents with developmental disabilities.

Developmentally disabled people are just like you and me. They love. They laugh. They work. They worship. They thrive through work and accomplishment. With caring and support from CFL staff, residents at CFL experience a satisfying and challenging life filled with growth, love and learning. CFL provides a wide range of programs and services that help to bring true happiness and contentment to our residents.

I hope you'll take a moment to review our website and learn more about the Center of Family Love. Watch a movie about our residents...or check out our wonderful photo album here. Learn more about developmental disabilities here. We're share our corporate financial statements here. And most importantly, you can meet our key employee's and care-givers here.

And if you have a moment, drop by and say hello. We'd be honored to take you on a tour of our facility so you can learn more about the Center of Family Love, our wonderful people and the blessed lives they lead.


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